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Military Medals & Books (Bedford) Ltd is much more than a militaria shop; we are here to support Woody's Lodge, a charity for veterans and their families to re-engage with life once they have left the Armed Forces. All profits from the shop after covering costs, are donated to this charity.


Military Medals and Books Bedford Militaria Shop

Collecting medals, military books and militaria is a fascinating hobby that helps to develop an interest in our Armed Forces and their involvement with history, geography and social developments around the world.


This helps to keep the memory of our Armed Forces alive, because today’s veterans are tomorrow’s history.

Run by me, Chris Murphy, a veteran of the British Army, Military Medals & Books (Bedford) has been set up to help the charity Woody’s Lodge, that supports and mentors veterans, emergency services and reservists in quiet and informal surroundings, helping them to re-engage with life, their families and their communities.


This is my part time hobby, but with a serious side to create additional funds for Woody's Lodge. Thus, all profits generated by the shop will be used to assist the charity in its aims.


Paul “Woody” Woodland was a member of the Elite Special Boat Service, but in 2012 he lost his life on a training exercise, before he was due to return for a second tour of duty in Afghanistan. Woody was born, bred and schooled in Penarth, South Wales and had always wanted to be a Royal Marine. Once he had completed his Armed Forces career, his dream had been to build a Log Cabin where he would live with his family peacefully and in safety.

Woody’s Lodge can help with Housing, Benefits, Pensions and Finance, Agency and NHS Referrals, as well as with socialising and re-connecting with old friends and family.


Currently, Woody’s Lodge have three sites in Wales, having been recently licenced to operate a farm near Cardigan, in Wales, for the benefit of its service users. This is now its third location in Wales; however, their plan is to expand throughout the UK in the coming years.

Based in Biddenham, Bedford, this Military Medals and Books shop has been conceptualised as a relaxed and cosy atmosphere, welcoming not only those who are interested in militaria, but also everyone interested in helping those who fought for our country.


Profits will be donated to Woody’s Lodge to help them to continue with the magnificent work they are carrying out.

Visit for further information.

Military Medals and Books Bedford - Photos of the Farm Licenced to Woodys Lodge, Supporting War Veterans

Photos of the Farm that we have licenced to Woody's Lodge



At Military Medals & Books (Bedford) you will be able to find a variety of antique military medals and specialised books, as well as a variety of vintage militaria. While the items for sale are mainly associated with the British Army, there is also a wide range of international antique medals and items.

At the shop you can also get guidance valuations of products and research on your Armed Forces ancestors. We also arrange presentations for groups that would like a speaker. All these options are available for a small donation.

If you only want to make a donation, you can also do it when visiting the shop in Biddenham, or by donating related products to Military Medals & Books (Bedford), as all profits will be donated to Woody's Lodge.

Military Medals and Books Bedford - Variety of Specialised Books
Military Medals and Books Bedford - Display Cabinets to Rent, War Memorabilia

Please note that we work on the principle that people will visit Military Medals and Books in Biddenham, as running constant stock adjustments takes up too much time.

Look upon my activities as though you are visiting an Antique Centre. We do not offer a mail order facility.

Take a few hours out and pop in for a coffee and a friendly chat, you never know what you will find.

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