Military Medals and Books Bedford supporting Woody's Lodge - Royal Marine Paul Woody Woodland

In 2012, Royal Marine and member of the Elite Special Boat Service, Paul “Woody” Woodland lost his life in a training exercise, before he was due to return for a second tour of duty in Afghanistan. Woody was born, bred and schooled in Penarth, South Wales, and had always wanted to be a Royal Marine. Once he completed his Armed Forces career, his dream had been to build a log cabin where he would be able to live with his family, peacefully and in safety. 

In memory of Paul, a charity, Woody's Lodge, was set up in South Wales to realise some of his philosophies and ambitions. Woody’s Lodge is a social hub, which guides veterans to the help and support they need to re-engage with their families and communities. The vision is to create an inviting meeting space for those who have served within the Armed Forces and Emergency Services, where they can receive expert support and advice as well as the chance to connect with new and old friends and family.

But like most charities, it needs constant funding, so when my wife and I became aware of it we did something about it. We had a smallholding, Penlan Farm, in Wales and wanted to do something with it to help others. We found that Woody's Lodge fitted our criteria of directly helping those who help others in a meaningful way. To further our commitment I decided to set up a military medal and book shop, near Bedford to develop and raise some funds for Woody's.


Unfortunately, COVID has slowed visitors, so now to a Plan ‘B’.

I also needed a space to connect with my two passions, developing my day businesses and being involved in medals and books. The time has come to further 'walk the walk' and I am seeking YOUR help in donating some of your Medals as I am on a quest to collect 100 Lots to put to auction through Golding, Young and Mawer. MD Colin Young has kindly offered to auction them at zero vendor commission, and all proceeds will be passed on direct to Woody's Lodge.


I already have about £4,000 worth of items to start the ball rolling. I would expect that I should have enough by June/July 2022 for an auction. We all know how painful it can be to release old friends, but think of the good that will come from this and the help that you can give others. To the Auction Houses out there, I remember working in Sotheby’s many years ago and some items were left, for all sorts of reasons, in a storage room and vendors did not seek their return despite my contacting them. Maybe the rules have changed, but who knows what may ‘hang about’.

The best way to get in contact is via email to contact@militarymedalsandbooks.co.uk or you can ring me, Chris Murphy, at the shop on 01234 224491 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Alternatively, you can come by and drop in your donation, where you will be met with a warm welcome and a cup of coffee, COVID allowing. If you have something like a large collection to donate then I can arrange collection in Wales and England.

Now is an opportunity to show your appreciation and say Thanks to our veterans who I know, being a veteran myself, stand up to preserve the freedom and life that we all hold dear.